Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura

Holiday collection 2012


Holiday collection 2012


“Creating something that is universally beautiful. That is art.” Mr. Shu Uemura

shu uemura’s quest for innovation and beauty finds its ultimate expression in fusing with  the creative spirit and sophisticated vision of artists. Celebrating the 13th artist collaboration since 2004,  shu uemura continues to substantiate the bond between art and beauty by working with some of today?s most important creators. In line with the founding principle of Shu Uemura ? art is a way of life?, these limited edition collaborations reflect both the shu uemura spirit and each artist's sensitivity to culminate in a profound exploration of the “art of beauty”. shu uemuras quest to constantly create something new and universally beautiful unites with the creative vision of artists to produce fascinating artistic synergy never found elsewhere.


“I design with shu uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.”Karl Lagerfeld

This unique moment of creation has roots in more than 20 years of friendship and mutual admiration between two of the most renowned talents from the worlds of fashion and beauty.Inspired by shu uemura products, Japanese traditional culture and contemporary art Mr. Lagerfeld created “mon shu girl” Merging the worlds of shu uemura and Mr.Lagerfeld, “mon shu girl” is an adorable new icon outfitted in the designer?s symbolic white shirt and black tie.


Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura holiday collection 2012

Once upon a time, while the town was being decorated for Christmas with ornaments a small miracle took place in the atelier of Karl Lagerfeld’s castle.

“mon shu girl”

“mon shu girl” escaped from his sketchbook - a “dessin” come to life! Spreading colorful times and holiday sparkle to girls around the world,mon shu girl dons Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic look and awakens the sleeping beauty that lies deep within.This holiday season “GIFTED” from shu uemura and Karl Lagerfeld is a miracle of color and beauty that is a gift for every girl.

eye & cheek

eye and cheek palette

karl for shu smoky velvet palette

karl for shu prestigious bordeaux palette

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eye & false eyelashes



false eyelashes

karl for shu premium eyelashes

karl for shu mini eyelashes

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rouge unlimited

mon shu red

parisienne pink

celebrity beige

luxe burgundy

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nail color

karl black

shu shu red

royal beige

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skin care

cleansing beauty oil

cleansing beauty oil premium A/O advanced

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cleansing beauty oil

TSUYA skin UV under base youthful radiance mousse

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mini-brush set

mon shu mini brush set

curl & karl

shu eyelash curl & karl

make-up box

premium minimake-up box karl for shu shu baby

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One day in November 2011 n the shooting studio ?seven L? of Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, this campaign visual has been shot. Tao as a muse model, Kakuyasu Uchiide was in charge of make-up, and Karl Lagerfeld is directing and shooting still photos.

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